About Les Laboratoires Azbane S.A.

For more than four decades, “Azbane” has dedicated its energy and expertise to a single industry: the wellbeing. It has been a leader in the production of personal care and hotel guest amenities, and became by itsexcellencies and quality services the largest Moroccan family run business in the industry. The headquartersis located in Morocco with offices in Europe and the United States. The laboratory currently embraces morethan four hundred team members housed in over 30,000 sq ft state of the art lab and production space.

Our broad collection of personal care and hotel guest amenities sell through various allocation channels inover fifty countries all over the six continents. Azbane also provides its services to a variety of customers whowant to get their own brand name on the products; including airlines.

Our brand has earned a worldwide reputation as Morocco’s leading manufacturer of high quality beauty,skin, and hair care products. We only use ethically sourced, 100% authentic, pure and organic Argan Oil in allof our formulas. Some of our well known brands are: Azbane Beauté Paris, Arganine, Algue Marine, ArganaLine, Black & White, Natrevo, Thé Vert, and Woodn’. Every now and then, Azbane places a trail to newareas in personal care by combining forefront research and development with unique research domains. Aswell as it intends to satisfy all individuals; from women to men despite their age. One of the latest andefficient products Azbane has created is the men’s grooming line so men too can add a little of luxury to theirgrooming routine.

Our integrated manufacturing process backed by the latest equipment and technology along with the moststringent procedures exceeds our client’s requirements. We have a high production potential, efficientmanufacturing system; hence, we are uniquely positioned to offer a combination of excellent quality, widerange of options and competitive pricing at an express delivery time. We also focus on client support with ourqualified sales and marketing team that is fluent in many foreign languages and has a strong internationalexperience in import/export operations.

Consequently, Azbane is committed to innovation and quality assurance. To keep up with the latter, itformed a dedicated team of professionals in R&D, quality monitoring, design, production and management.As well as it encompasses a complete cross-department quality management control system that is ISO 9001certified. Our company compels this certification in order to continually develop new products whileconforming to the industry highest standards and meeting with the rules set forth in the European CosmeticRegulation EC 1223/2009. We are a founding member of the Inter-professional Moroccan Argan OilFederation and we are also registered with the American FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program.

Join us and bathe in our alluring scents of our different creations!



To always meet your standards, Azbane has recently obtained the ISO 22716 Certification (Good Manufacturing Practice): 2007 by Bureau Veritas.


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